“Sometimes I really enjoy the painting process as a little journey, it’s interesting how I don't know the end destination, but as I'm painting it starts to reveal itself. It begins to tell a story and I have a little bit of an idea of the story, but it’s only as it goes along that I start to realize what is happening… The same can be said about this amazing project #MuralOasis, I feel that since I’ve been here, the whole process has been revealing itself, not just what’s happening here, but also in the future. I’ve had little ideas and visions about the past, and since I've been here I’ve been given a few puzzle pieces, and it’s starting to reveal a bigger picture…”

“...The beauty of this project, from what I can see, is that it’s setting the foundation like planting a seed. I believe that amazing things will grow out of this…” -

Curated and Produced by @themuralco⁣

Treazy was the last artist painting at #muraloasis and completed this final mural for the project. Staying on after he finished painting, Treazy was there to see the closing of the project, and witness firsthand the mysterious magic of the projects full completion revealed; the full creation of #muraloasis.