Sat One (Germany)

Rafael Gerlach (SatOne) Sat One is an artistic name of Rafael Gerlach, who was born in 1977 in Venezuela. Since 1979, he has been living in Munich, and these early travels seemed to announce that travels will be an important part of his life. One of the trips he has undertaken in the early 1990s brought Graffiti to his attention. From 2000 on, he developed a distinct abstract style, which starts with figuration and objects, but the color fields that develop from it overcome any references to the living world. Abstract in nature, SatOne’s art is an expression of sensitivity present in objects that can be realized only on an instinctive level. It is not disruptive of its surroundings, as many street expressions are, but is instead integral to them. The colorful sensuality of his works, continues the artist’s narration of exquisiteness hiding from direct observation, being sensed only through reflection. His studio works, however, allow a greater degree of experimentation, both in style and techniques he deploys.

There is a rare serenity in SatOne art. Objects on his artworks exist as impressions, that invite interpretations based on sentimental value and sensations. The atmosphere is guiding the viewers to enjoy the essence of objects, rather than their realistic depiction. SatOne distances himself from the privilege of interpretation – he opens a broader specter of possible meanings, leaving the viewers to sense the one most pertinent to them. Artists, in the likes of SatOne, who move from walls to studios, further the experimental potential of this style, and bring it closer to contemporary sensibilities and also younger generations of street art audiences.

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