Mariela Ajras (Germany)

Mariela Ajras (Buenos Aires, 1984) is an Argentine Plastic Artist, Muralist and Lic. In Psychology (UBA). From an early age, he studied painting and drawing. Since 2012, he began to develop his career as a large-scale muralist, having the opportunity to travel through different countries of the world: United States (LA, SD, SF, MA, HI), Europe (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany) and Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay) invited to participate in various Urban Art festivals, symposiums and public art projects.

His work focuses on the image of women and the question about the feminine. The exercise of collective and personal memory, the forces of the reconstruction of memory and oblivion are themes that also traverse the content of his work.

Training psychologist, this experience has a full influence on his conceptual production and, also, on the teaching of community-oriented muralism workshops that use art as a tool for community intervention.

In 2018, Public Art Review recognized her as one of the representatives of the women's artists movement in South America.

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